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What is Advocate AI Consulting?

Welcome to Alpha AI’s innovative Advocate AI Consulting program – your pathway to mastering the world of AI.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the significance of AI consulting cannot be overstated.

As businesses turn to artificial intelligence to drive growth and efficiency, our Advocate program offers you a solution to learn the skills and processes required to excel in your industry.

At the heart of our Advocate AI Consulting program is Generative AI, a transformative force that has the potential to reshape how we do business.

This unique program is unlike any other service at Alpha AI, focusing on training individuals like you to harness the power of AI to elevate your business endeavours.

Our Advocate program was built due to the demand for personal training to quickly adapt with the changing times,. For the individuals who want to take control of these tools, without having to outsource.

Who Is This For?

If you’re a forward-thinking individual who senses the changes ahead and envisions AI’s potential to transform the business landscape, then our “Advocate” AI Consulting program is your strategic partner.

You’re the type who doesn’t just see AI as a buzzword, but as a tool that can reshape industries. You’re ready to step into the AI arena, but you’re seeking the right guidance to navigate the path.

Our program is designed to provide you with the insights and direction you need to implement Generative AI into your business.

Consider the impact of mastering Generative AI, the core of AI creativity.

Envision streamlining operations through task automation and imagine unlocking solutions that were once deemed complex.

If you’re a leader, entrepreneur, or professional with a passion for innovation and growth, the Advocate program is your avenue to achieving your goals.

Exploring Generative AI

Generative AI is a remarkable area of artificial intelligence that enables machines to create unique content.

With our consulting, you can delve into the world of generative AI, grasp its fundamentals, and use its power to develop innovative solutions aligned with your business goals.

Understand how Generative AI applies to your industry and confidently drive transformative advancements that align with your vision as a leader, entrepreneur, or professional ready to embrace change.

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Experience Significant Returns

Embrace AI in your business strategy for thriving in the evolving digital landscape.

By learning the fundamentals , you will learn exactly where to implement solutions to gain unrivalled leverage.

Master Generative AI practically to drive innovation and tackle real-world challenges.

The skills you learn will compound over time. Learning with guidance from our Advocate will set you forward with significant momentum.

Receive personalised advice to seamlessly integrate AI into your business goals.

There may be points that need explaining, this will drastically reduce the time spent learning, allowing you to reap the benefits far sooner.

Predict trends, make informed decisions, and seize opportunities with AI advantage.

It will be the leaders who not only see the change but take action in adopting the tools. 

Generative AI will be a part of all business operations, gain the edge over your competitors.

Utilise AI insights for informed decision-making that powers success.

Generative AI when used correctly can give you an unfair advantage, as well as programming to achieve ultimate leverage

Automate tasks with AI, freeing time for strategic initiatives and impactful projects.

These tools will drastically reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Predict market changes with AI for swift business adaptation and competitiveness.

The Next Wave Of Productivity:

Generative AI is set to unleash the next wave of productivity.

As industries embrace the transformative potential of AI, particularly Generative AI, businesses stand at the threshold of a new era of innovation and efficiency.

McKinsey & Company’s insightful article, The Economic Potential of Generative AI: The Next Productivity Frontier, delves deep into the economic implications and possibilities that Generative AI presents.

This comprehensive resource provides valuable insights that can help you grasp the full potential of AI to revolutionise operations and drive remarkable growth.

Below are some of the key insights from the article:

  • Generative AI could add $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion annually in value to the global economy across 63 analysed use cases.
  • 75% of this value would impact Customer operations, marketing and sales, software engineering, and R&D.
  • Generative AI automates 60 to 70% of work activities, especially in knowledge-based occupations.
  • Learning new skills and managing worker transitions are crucial for harnessing generative AI’s benefits.


What are you doing to move with this wave of revolution?

Become A Leader In AI

Dear business owner,

You can feel the change can’t you?
Maybe you just don’t know where to start, or need to be brought up to speed on all methods.

You might even be a small business owner who wants to have full control of their operations.

Our AI consulting has been built due to the need for those who don’t want to bring on agency.

For those who just need to be taught the optimal processes, guided and let fly on their own.

The Current Costs

You may have no ability to utilise Generative AI today.

What is that costing you?

In terms of both time and costs?

What if you could save 2 hours a day on tasks you could automate and personalise?

At your current worth, calculate how much it is costing you to learn these skills.

Make an investment in yourself.

Learn exactly how to boost your current capabilities.


Build Your Business

The skills you will learn through our consulting will set you on a clear path.

Instead of bringing on our team of experts, you will  be guided on which decisions to make.

Through this guidance you will swiftly move through business processes and bring your vision to life.

The Future Is Intelligent

Our Advocate AI consulting program is your first step in taking control of this opportunity.

One thing is certain.

All processes will move towards automation.

The decision on whether you will be leader or late adopter, is up to you.


Find Out More

Begin your journey by booking a call with our AI Advocate.

You will be rapidly brought up to speed on exactly how you can dramatically boost your productivity.

With a wealth of advice of exactly where to step next.

Learning to harness these tools will  be the greatest investment you make.


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