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An Unfair Advantage

Discover the driving force behind organic growth – SEO

What Is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is your blueprint for digital success.

It’s about fine-tuning your online presence so that search engines and your audience take notice.

Mastering SEO means shining brightly in a digital world that thrives on visibility.

It’s the strategic art of aligning your message with the questions people are asking online, ensuring your voice is heard at the right moment.

SEO isn’t just about search engines; it’s about captivating your audience and delivering value that stands out.

Looking Back, To Look Forward

Imagine search engines as the transformation from the once bustling marketplaces of our ancestors, to digital marketplaces of today.

Merchants and traders would embark on long journeys, in order to claim the best spots in vibrant markets, understanding the crucial role of visibility in their triumph.

Fast forward to the present: while you won’t need a horse-drawn cart, the pursuit of visibility remains evergreen.

Today’s marketplace is virtual, and search engines function as the crossroads where businesses compete for attention.

Similar to those historic merchants who would compete for front-row stalls, your goal is a first-page ranking.

This serves as a vivid reminder that the age-old principles of visibility and positioning still drive successful commerce.

In the virtual world, SEO acts as the gateway to securing prime digital real estate, capturing attention, and leading to the modern equivalent of a thriving market stall at the forefront of customers’ minds.

6 Reasons Why Should You Care About SEO


of online experiences begin with a search engine. (BrightEdge)


of Google searchers click on results from the second page. (Backlinko)


of all website traffic comes from organic search. (BrightEdge)


of global traffic comes from Google. It is the King (SparkToro)


SEO drives 1,000%+ more traffic than organic social media. (BrightEdge)


of marketers say that SEO is their highest quality source of leads. (HubSpot)

In Simple Terms?

Your customer’s journey starts on a search engine. The majority will never venture to the second page of search results. You must be positioned correctly.

More than half of all website traffic comes from organic search. It’s where people go to find answers, services and products.

Google is still the juggernaut, holding 93% of all global traffic. That’s where the opportunity is.

SEO delivers over 1,000% more traffic than social media. Leads from Google are far more likely to become clients.

In a nutshell, search engine optimisation is your compass to business expansion.

It’s about visibility, choice, and trust.

Exploring Generative AI

In a digital landscape with over 1.75 BILLION websites, the challenge is standing out in Google search results.

The truth is, if you’re not there, your competitors will be.

That’s why intelligent businesses focused on boosting organic traffic partner with Excite Media. Our expertise in Brisbane SEO guarantees effective ranking for your most lucrative keywords, and we sustain that success.

Queensland SEO - Gaining An Unfair Advantage
Queensland SEO - Gaining An Unfair Advantage

Why opt for search engine optimisation instead of paid ads?

While our Google and Facebook Ads experts can swiftly secure great returns through Paid Advertising, it’s SEO that promises substantial, lasting profits.

In a matter of weeks, your website can organically climb the ranks for the search terms your customers use to locate you. Over time, you could even secure top spots for the most competitive search phrases.

A strategic search engine optimization campaign has the potential to unlock hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in additional business revenue – all without spending a dime on advertising.


Understand and implement the foundations of SEO

Queensland SEO - Gaining An Unfair Advantage


  • Experience is the practical side of knowledge. It’s the hands-on engagement, the real-world encounters that shape your perspective.
  • Experience adds layers to your expertise, enabling you to offer practical solutions, relatable advice, and insights based on lessons learned.
  • Experience enhances credibility and builds a bridge of trust between you and your audience.
Expert SEO


  • Expertise is your domain knowledge, your mastery of the subject matter. It’s the depth of understanding you bring to the table, gained through years of learning, practice, and immersion in your field.
  • Your expertise is what allows you to answer challenging questions, and provide valuable insights that stand out in a crowded digital landscape.


  • Authoritativeness is your digital reputation. It’s the perception of your credibility in your field.
  • Authoritative figures are trusted sources; they are recognised by peers, industry experts, and audiences alike.
  • Building this involves consistent delivery of accurate, high-quality content, earning backlinks, and creating a presence that establishes you as a go-to resource.
Trustworthy SEO


  • Trustworthiness is the foundation of your online presence. It’s the sense of security you evoke in your audience.
  • Trustworthiness is built through transparency, ethical practices, and a genuine concern for your audience’s well-being.
  • It’s reflected in the accuracy of your information and your commitment to delivering value that aligns with your audience’s needs.

Elevating Your Position

Queensland SEO - Gaining An Unfair Advantage

Audit Business

We start by diving deep into how your business works, the competition around you, and how well your website shows up on major search engines.

We’ll even look at the small details of its design.

Queensland SEO - Gaining An Unfair Advantage

Elevate Presence

For most businesses, we focus on getting noticed in your local area. Google likes local results, which is great news. 

We’ll make sure your Google My Business listing is just right, so you can do well in your local community.

Queensland SEO - Gaining An Unfair Advantage

Keyword Strategy

This is where the precision  comes in. We’ll look at the words people use to search, see how well you show up now, and make plans for the future.  

Carefully planning out how to move forward is key.

Queensland SEO - Gaining An Unfair Advantage

Technical SEO

We know a lot about how the technical side of SEO works. We’ll make sure your website is safe, fast, and set up perfectly for search engines. 

We’ll explain every step we take, so you know what’s happening.

Queensland SEO - Gaining An Unfair Advantage

Building Credible Links

Although it might not be the flashiest aspect, ensuring other websites link to yours and being present in the appropriate online spaces are crucial. 

These technical actions play a big role in the growth of your SEO.

Queensland SEO - Gaining An Unfair Advantage

Monitoring & Insights

Part of what we do is exploring the results and extracting meaningful knowledge. You’ll acquire in-depth  report, providing all the necessary information and insights. 

You will understand your customers like never before.

Reaching The Summit

Dear business owner,

What does the above tell you?

Maybe nothing you’re not already aware of.

Search engines are vital to your success. 

Picture this, every business owner out there is fighting to rank as high as possible.

It is not just you who wants to be front of mind when a client is in need.

The digital landscape is hyper competitive, but the rewards far outweigh any investment to reaching the summit.

SEO is crucial for building long last success. It is the foundations which all other marketing is built upon.

Time Horizon

SEO has its own compunding effect.

Sure, you can kickstart campaigns with paid advertising, which has it’s place.

But SEO is the machine that grows overtime. Building momentum, pulling more and more leads into your business.

The long game is for those who want to reach the top.

Who know that overnight success is as rare as winning the lottery.

The war is won through strategic, disciplined actions, that separates you from competitors.

Bots Doesn't Discriminate

Put yourself in the shoes of the crawling bots.

They have 1.75 billion websites to crawl, how will they filter out the diamonds from the dirt?

You need to know how to speak their language.

To make the right moves, place the right content and provide the optimal content.

We know how to speak this language.

This is one of the most valuable services anyone can offer.

Many people will act blindly.

We are precision artists who take pride in each decision and the outcomes we achieve for clients.

Rise To The Top

The digital landscape is only moving in one direction.

No matter what happens, the ability to conduct business online will always be an option.

The future generations are born into this culture, we all now seek answers through mobile devices and Google searches.

How do you plan to position yourself?

Of course you could spend years of learning yourself, but at what cost?

Allow our team to do what we do best, exceed your expectations and fuel business growth.

Journey to the Top

Picture the possibilities when your business secures prime digital real estate, capturing attention and driving traffic.

Imagine the authority that comes with a front-page ranking, the steady flow of leads drawn in by the SEO machine.

Your investment in our expertise today will lead to a future of heightened visibility and unparalleled success.

Our precision approach is your strategic advantage, navigating the complex algorithms with finesse.

Secure your spot at the forefront of your industry, where customers instinctively turn for solutions.

Don’t let your business get lost in the digital crowd.

Our commitment is your advantage, we care for you and will do everything in our power to see you at the top.

Book your consultation today and let’s align on your digital future..

FAQs For SEO Agencies

Rest assured, we can confidently affirm that SEO is indeed effective, backed by numerous SEO case studies that provide concrete evidence. As with any valuable endeavor, it requires patience, yet once an SEO campaign is initiated, its momentum keeps building, consistently pushing your online presence to new heights.

Typically, you can expect to witness noticeable outcomes within approximately three months. During this time, you’ll witness your website ascending on the SERPs, attracting increased traffic, and observing your targeted keywords progressively lifting your position on search pages.

The value you gain from SEO is directly proportional to your investment. Our aim is not to push for unnecessary spending, but rather to outline how you can achieve remarkable results with a minimum commitment of $1000 per month.

Opting for a higher investment opens the door to additional advantages, including increased dedicated time from our SEO experts for your website’s enhancement and backlink strategies, as well as the option to generate more SEO-focused content for your campaign.

When considering any partnership with an SEO agency, engage in an open conversation. Discuss your budget, understand the allocation of funds, and ensure that the investment aligns seamlessly with your financial capacity.

Investing time and resources into understanding SEO and partnering with the right agency is a smart decision. Organic SEO functions as a self-building foundation. By consistently adding fresh content, refining your website’s pages, and securing quality backlinks, you set in motion a gradual ascent in search engine rankings and increased site traffic. This upward momentum remains a continuous process.

Although paid SEO can yield rapid successes, it often comes at a higher long-term cost. Moreover, if you ever decide to discontinue pay-per-click (PPC) and other paid marketing endeavors, your SERP performance can plummet dramatically.

The most fascinating aspect of SEO’s value lies in its adaptability. Once you grasp the fundamentals, you can apply SEO principles across the board. Launching a new product? You won’t need to wait for your agency’s timeline. Armed with knowledge of keywords, proper heading structures, and more, you can craft your own effective SEO copy, ensuring impactful results.

An excellent SEO agency, like Alpha AI, takes charge of your SEO tasks. We provide clear explanations of our strategies, involve you in the process for better comprehension, and maintain consistent communication to share successes and challenges alike.

Engage in a conversation with the team. Do their interactions come across as pushy sales pitches, or do they focus on explaining the intricate details of SEO? If you don’t feel at ease during the conversation, it’s a sign to reconsider.

Many companies prefer 6- or 12-month contracts for predictability, we’ve observed that such contracts can lead to complacency. At Alpha AI we build trust and work each day to move you higher in the rankings.

Generally by speaking with the team, listening to what they have to offer will give you a feel for whether or not it’s a good fit.

There needs to be trust. Our client’s are the number one priority at all times. 

If we over deliver and exceed expectations, it is only natural for our own services to continue growing.

SEO has the potential to elevate every business.

The extent of its impact and the associated costs are factors that warrant a conversation with both your marketing team and a trusted SEO partner.

This dialogue is key to determining how SEO aligns with your goals and budget, and how it can drive heightened traffic to your website, ultimately increasing the conversion of visitors into clients.

Initiate a conversation with our SEO team. We’re not sleezy salespeople pitching unattainable dreams.

We provide an honest evaluation, and if a comprehensive SEO campaign isn’t the right fit for you, we’ll openly acknowledge it.

There is no benefit for either of us if success is not attainable.

You’ll notice improvements in your rankings within the initial months, although immediate page one rankings aren’t guaranteed.

Climbing the ranks is a gradual process that demands patience. The timeframe varies, and it’s a common inquiry.

While aspiring for the top spot is natural, it’s important to recognize that hitting rank #1 involves a complex interplay of variables.

While we can secure your place on page one of the SERP within approximately 6 months, achieving the coveted #1 spot may require additional time.

Numerous factors, including your competitors’ strategies, come into play. Our focus is on positioning you prominently on page #1, a goal we are committed to achieving.

In a nutshell, it’s a long-term approach. Effective SEO encompasses a multitude of components that gradually intensify in impact.

These encompass backlink strategies, content tactics, competitive analysis, and beyond.

The evolving nature of these strategies corresponds with shifting market dynamics, evolving customer search behaviours, and more.

Your competitors’ tactics might evolve, leading you to shift focus to different keywords or delve into long-tail keywords. Additionally, expanding your website’s content could become a priority.

Ultimately, SEO is a long-term strategy that yields enduring advantages for your business.

Backlinks are like the endorsements of the digital world. They are links from other websites that direct users to your site.

Think of each backlink as a vote of confidence. The more reputable websites that link to your content, the more search engines consider your site to be a reliable source of information.

Backlinks are a key component of off-page SEO, demonstrating your site’s authority and value in the eyes of search engines.

The importance of backlinks cannot be overstated. Search engines, like Google, view backlinks as indicators of your site’s credibility and relevance.

The quality and quantity of backlinks directly influence your site’s search engine rankings.

However, not all backlinks are created equal. High-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant sources hold more weight in boosting your site’s visibility and ranking.

A well-structured backlink strategy can significantly enhance your site’s search engine optimization efforts and contribute to long-term organic growth.

we’re committed to collaborating with a diverse range of clients, each with unique needs and goals. We work with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to established enterprises, across various industries.

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to boost local visibility or a larger corporation striving for a broader online reach, our team is dedicated to tailoring our strategies to align with your specific objectives.

We thrive on challenges and are adept at crafting customized SEO solutions that resonate with your brand identity, target audience, and industry dynamics.

If you’re seeking a partner to propel your digital growth, Alpha AI is here to empower your journey with strategic SEO insights and actionable solutions.


Alpha AI is your go-to full-stack digital marketing studio. Specialising in SEO, digital marketing, and AI, ensuring your brand’s brilliance truly stands out.

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